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I arrived in Cairo the day before my birthday and I celebrated by dancing Belly Dance in a club where they sent strange covers of Italian light music; everyone was humming in Italian to get me involved and entertained, there is a long old friendship between Italians and Egyptians and many of them remember several words of our language. Ghamil and Ashraf had organized everything with rare punctuality and generosity, it was beautiful and I danced for a long time with a group of very hospitable Egyptian women.

The first day of the workshop ended with a beautiful cake and lots of songs in different languages to wish me a happy birthday!

The days of work with dance were beautiful and hard, a new group to form and a torrid heat (over 40°/45°!) with no air conditioner in the room. Once you accept to sweat even just raising an arm, let alone dance, everything is easier, the body gets going wit