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Compagnia DanzArte Association, founded by Simonetta Ottone in 1997, provides services including education and training; therapeutic activity (rehabilitation, re-education, prevention); wellness research; cultural and entertainment activities.

In the educational, training and therapeutic field, the methodology used, based on an integration of art and science, focuses attention on movement both from a motor and functional point of view, and from a creative and artistic point of view.

The resulting synthesis contributes to bridging the gap in western culture between aspects that are only apparently distant: the physiological but also the psychological point of view.  We take a holistic approach to treating each person in his entirety, and not only the mechanics of a body to be trained or corrected.  The result is a high quality relationship that is established between rigorous and methodical work, and techniques of playing and improvisation for the development of a creative process that can facilitate the transformation and change.

Our research in this sense is aimed at promoting the well-being of the person, the promotion of health, and the quality of life by facilitating processes of evolution, integration and affectivity.

The interventions are then adapted to the needs of the person, understood as the undisputed creator of his own personal therapeutic or wellness journey.

In the cultural and entertainment fields, DanzArte combines the idea of culture and society, promoting activities aimed at greater interconnection in the fields of art, health, pedagogy, research.

Many initiatives and collaborations have been created with realities active in the artistic, social, cultural and scientific fields in an obstinate permanent action at the base of the territories, which has allowed DanzArte to gather long experience in the most disparate and innovative contexts.

DanzArte is an Institutional Member of the UNESCO International Dance Council.

The Association has been a leader in creating activities that focus on the expression of ideas and pressing themes of our time, well rooted in our history and in our country.




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