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Dance Movement Therapy


Aimed at children, teenagers, adults also with special needs (handicapped, psycho - bodily discomfort, mental discomfort, attention disorders, previous traumas, relationship difficulties, addictions ...) INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE SESSIONS.

DanzaMovimentoTerapia is a discipline that makes active listening to the body, the relationship and the expressive / creative movement its language and its method of support, intervention and care; the contribution that DanzaMovimentoTerapia can offer to today's society can be substantial, an approach that can be used in different areas, from rehabilitation, education, psychotherapy to that of preventing discomfort and developing creativity. Maria Fux Method and Symbolic Key Method®.

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Postural Movement

Movimento Posturale

Aimed at children, teenagers and adults also with special needs.

Exercise system with a gentle approach to Wellness and Movement.

The technique is based on a unique method, which takes the strings from the Bartenieff Fundamentals. It is a valid system to increase knowledge, control over the body and concentration on oneself through the work of breathing, perception, stretching and toning of the muscles in the three dimensions. It is thus possible to carry out an action of global harmonization of the movement of the person, stimulating flexibility and balance, realigning and balancing the body, improving its appearance and reducing the risk of injury and inflammation of the muscle system - skeletal.

Contemporary Dance

Danza Contemporanea

Aimed at children and adults even without experience

Study of Dance in its analysis, composition, improvisation, in order to build an organized body connected to our great psycho - bodily system. Study of the components Space, Time, Energy, through the weight of the Body, contact with each other, free and structured Movement. Laban / Nikolais method

Dance Theater


Aimed at children and adults of all ages, interested in moving creatively, suitable for those who do not like to move mechanically as in fitness disciplines.

The Course will use the languages of Theater and Dance, of the Body - Voice, of Movement and of the Word, through artistic, pictorial, musical and narrative cues, which will put our expressiveness, our originality, the relationship with each other at the center. .



Relaxing decontracting

With the use of manipulations, aromatherapy elements and music.

Individual sessions by appointment.

Body  Language 

Body Language

Not verbal communication.

Aimed at those who work in direct contact with the public (managers, professionals, teachers, commercial and tourism sector operators ...)

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public speaking.

Aimed at those who work in direct contact with the public (managers, professionals, teachers, commercial and tourism sector operators ...)

Art & Graphics


The course is aimed at the knowledge of visual and graphic art; it will be possible to create a complete graphic project through the use of practices and techniques related to manual drawing, basic graphics, graphic composition.


Arabic conversation course

basw arabo_2.jpg

For those who love the culture and language of the millennial Arab world, full of possibilities to know and reveal. The course is aimed at those who want to take the first steps in one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and increasingly in demand in the world of work, both within and outside Europe.

The meetings will be held by a native speaker.



Paths of Musical Education and Therapy through the Voice and the Body, Singing, Arabian Percussion

Middle Eastern cuisine


Do you love to discover new flavors, the secrets of spices, the ritual of preparation and convivial sharing?

The course provides small steps in the knowledge and practice of Middle Eastern Cuisine, with its Flavors, Colors, Traditions.



Tell your story!

MEMORIES is a path that will help you tell what you have been carrying inside for a lifetime.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to narrate what we have known that is important and that we would like to share, in a thread that binds people, other stories and generations.

Through the use of spontaneous movement emotions will arise that we can name and return in the form of images and words, only yours, only ours.

Along the way, elaborates will be born that intertwine several techniques and that will remain in your hands as a souvenir, or as a special gift to whoever you want.

Postural Movement
Contemporary Dance
Body Language
Public Speacking
Arte & Grafica
Corso di lingua Araba
Corso di Musica
Cucina Mediorientale
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