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The Silenced Letters

“We got married, but he left right away. He felt that something terrible was being prepared in Italy ... 
Nino, have you ever seen the sea when it is made of glass? "


Tuesday 5 October at 10 am we will give voice again (it is appropriate to say it!) To JULKA, THE SILENCED LETTERS which, not being able to go on stage for two years, has become a WEEKLY SKETCH, which for 10 weeks and 10 "fragments of the story ”Will close the year that celebrates the hundredth anniversary of the arrival of Antonio Gramsci in Livorno and the foundation of the Communist Party of Italy at the San Marco Theater in Livorno (in the photo).  

The "Silenced Letters" between Julka and Antonio will be a wonderful way for us to spread the story of a truly "revolutionary" woman and love!

Livorno is a symbolic place, it often appears in the correspondence of the great intellectual, who died in prison for a free and just society, after eleven years of dripping. To keep him alive for so long, given his poor health, his wife Julka, his sisters Tania and Genia, their children Delik and Julik.

In 2020 the show was expected at the Gramsci House Museum in Ghilarza: we could not bring it to us even in 2021 due to the cancellation of thousands of festivals in Italy that were not put in a position to continue their activity due to the emergency organization of the country .

Our stories and the characters who, like Julka Schucht and Antonio Gramsci have left us so much, can no longer be celebrated at the moment through the live meeting and direct, physical and unrepeatable transmission: too few opportunities in a sector, that of Independent culture and entertainment, completely destroyed and unfairly penalized.

However, we want to release their voices: Associazione Compagnia DanzArte has thus produced a podcast easily accessible from our site.

By subtracting almost everything from the form of TeatroDanza in which the show was born, we have  searched within the dramaturgical skeleton for the meaning, the power of the story, of the very words of the protagonists.  

  We start from Livorno, where the project based on the original correspondence of the two companions in life and struggle was born, from the House that bears the name of Julka and which collects people and women who give  Body  to the world they want.

Every Tuesday morning, starting from October 5th, we will give a SKETCH OF TALE; they will be ten "chains of words" dense, urgent, "old" and terribly new.


“In Italy they were angry with associations, with parties, with gatherings, with those who met.

They didn't want people to meet. "

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