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Lo Scoglio della Ballerina

Guest House

Our Guesthouse

Casa Lo Scoglio della Ballerina is the Guesthouse of the Associazione Compagnia DanzArte.

Since it was born, this house has been a place of accommodation and logistical support to those who, from outside Livorno, reached our CentroStudi to participate and learn about our initiatives.

The Association works in agreement with various reception structures in the area, in addition to ours.

Dove dormire a Livorno
Where to sleep in Livorno!

Casa Lo Scoglio della Ballerina is located in the first village of ancient Livorno, in the San Giovanni district located in the middle between the La Venezia district and the Old Dock, with the imposing bastions of the Old Fortress (1521) in view. A few meters from the port, Casa Lo Scoglio della Ballerina was born on the traces of the Labronic legend, inspired by the sea, those who left, those who stayed, dancing all the while.   

The apartment is located on an ancient street, very close to the center of the city, where it is possible to access services, as well as a variety of cultural events.  The apartmentis a place of culture and relaxation.  The house is a place of refreshment, of landings and departures, a place of friendship and hospitality.


Located 3.8 km from Armando Picchi Stadium and 4.2 km from Palalivorno, Casa Lo Scoglio Della Ballerina offers accommodation in Livorno. It is located 1.7 km from the port of Livorno and has free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour reception.

This air-conditioned apartment features 1 bedroom (sleeps 4) and 1 bathroom with a bidet, shower and hairdryer.

There is a flat-screen TV, a minibar, a microwave oven and a boiler.

  • The nearest airport is Pisa International Airport, 25 km away.

  • Pets Allowed

  • Free WiFi connection

  • Family rooms available

  • 24 hour reception

A Legend Of Livorno


Legend has it that a woman was waiting for her man to return from the sea. Like so many fishermen's wives she spent her days waiting for that blessed boat and her love, until one day he was swallowed up by a rough sea.


She could not accept having lost him forever.

So she decided that if the sea had taken him, the sea would have to take her too, and maybe they could finally be together forever. So, one day she climbed up on the rock and let herself go among the waves. No one ever saw her again, nor was the body ever found.
They say that she danced when she was at sea ... she was a good and melancholic dancer, exorcising the absence of her man with the body, dancing like the waves between the notes. She swam dancing to her freedom.
So a painter who knew the story began to paint a libecciata on that rock, and on top of it put the dancer, about to let go. He called the painting "The rock of the ballerina", and from that moment on it remained for all Livorno.

The beauty of the legends is that there are mysteries that will remain such as the name of the painter. We managed to find the name of the dancer ... it seems that her name was Margherita.


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