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Ramla رمله

SAND, Forms in Motion

International Artistic Project Between the West and the Middle East

Let there be music and song before you, cast your worries and sorrows behind you and turn your soul to joy until the day dawns when we will have to travel to that land that loves silence...

Anonymous Egyptian song

Italy and Egypt, two shores of the Mediterranean, cradle of civilization.

One central to the culture of Europe, a bridge between North and South; the other central in that of the Middle East, a gateway that connects the Mediterranean to Africa. Two countries, two civilizations that together contain the history of a large part of humanity, a point of contact between continents, a crossroads of peoples.

Ancient and solid relations link the two countries, even if in the last few decades the opportunities for confrontation have decreased, following drastic changes that have taken place in the reciprocal socio-political contexts: if we look at the photos of Egyptian society in the 1950s, we find it unrecognizable compared to that of today; if we look closely, even Italy has seen its social, economic and cultural fabric deteriorate profoundly over the years.

RAMLA intends to promote an initiative based on the development of the potential inherent in the contact and exchange between life, cultural and artistic experiences, which refer to Italy and Egypt, as bearers of broad gazes on several worlds.

  The topics of interest concern culture in a broad sense, art, language, forms of social life, human and women's rights, direct experience of meetings, exchanges and travel, hospitality, conviviality.

The project is an attempt to represent different cultural trends around the themes of identity and integration between cultures, as an opportunity and a resource.

RAMLA is an opportunity to get to know and recognize each other, drawing from where the folds of time and history have marked different trajectories: only sensitivity and direct knowledge make it possible to overcome those barriers instrumentally set up by ideological systems objectively bearers of conflict, with the only intent to separate people and oppose peoples.

RAMLA is Sand, Forms in Movement, which question humanity, expressiveness, emotions, the very meaning of existence and coexistence; preserve, enhance diversity and "biodiversity", create "contaminated" movements, original and creative synthesis of the contemporary.

Piedi sulla sabbia

The Initiatives

Le Iniziative


For Dance and Dance Therapy
Workshops, Sessions, Conferences, Performances

Currently being implemented in Italy and Egypt, the method has spread thanks to workshop activities of dance and dance movement therapy, which are carried out in different countries, contexts and communities and whose purpose is the cultural advancement and quality of life of the people it meets. , through the Art of Movement and the integration of Body and Mind.

Also foreseen is a certified Dance To Live® training, International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (IACAET), International Dance Council UNESCO (Paris).

The training program is based on a progressive methodical approach aimed at Wellbeing and Personal Evolution (Basic Level), and at acquiring the necessary skills to be able to transmit it to people of different ages, psychophysical conditions, socio-cultural contexts, so as to be able conduct individual and collective sessions of DTL Method ® (Professional Level).
The teaching can also be applied to the work that is already being done, such as innovation and professional updating in the psycho-corporeal field.

The training covers a total of 600 hours (300 in presence with teachers and groups, 300 of study, practice and apprenticeship), followed by tests and exams at the end of the levels.

DTL Program


It is a group of artists from different countries, with different educational backgrounds around expressive languages.

The sense of Travel and Encounter is what moves our performances composed of dance and movement, music, theatre, visual art.

DTL Ensemble


talks about nostalgia and love for one's homeland

Every people has the right not to be persecuted and expelled from their land. He has the right not to be attacked, dislocated or eliminated.

We dance for this.

With Simonetta Ottone, Dalia El Abd, Heba Korashi

Choreographic idea:Simonetta Ottone

Visual Art:Ashraf Tawfik


Notes on the dancers:

Simonetta Ottone, Creator of Dance To Live ® starts from modern/contemporary dance bases and then incoEnter dance theatre, dance therapy, ethnic dances.

Dalia El Abd, is a dancer and teacher, owner of the Danssabeel Contemporary Dance Center, Cairo.

Heba Korashi, is the first student of the DTL Egypt Program.


Between the West and the Middle East

In the middle between East and West, two women, so different and equal, live a time together thanks to Dance, which is union, vision, future.

With Simonetta Ottone & Nawal El Tememi
Choreographic ideation: Simonetta Ottone
Visual Art: Ashraf Tawfik
Location: Cairo
Notes on the dancers:
Simonetta Ottone, Creator of Dance To Live ® starts from the basics of modern/contemporary dance to then meet dance theatre, dance therapy, ethnic dances.

Nawal El Tememi, teaches dance and yoga, is a coach, starts from the basics of oriental dance and then meets modern / contemporary dance and dance therapy.

Themed show and dinner

Evenings and moments of sharing through Dance and Music, stories of Meetings and Travels, conviviality with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Serate Mediorientali


Cooking classes and tastings

Do you love discovering new flavours, the secrets of spices, the ritual of preparation and convivial sharing?
The course provides small big steps in the knowledge and practice of Middle Eastern cuisine, with its flavors, colors and traditions.

Cucina Mediorietale
basw arabo_2w.jpg


Live or online courses

For those who love the culture and language of the millenary Arab world, full of possibilities to learn and discover.

Lingua e Cultura Araba
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