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"Tua" Play

In Italy, a woman is killed every two, three days, almost always at the hands of her man.

My country is afraid of women's freedom. My country is afraid of me.


"Disancorati" Play

Show by and with Simonetta Ottone

Director supervision: Julie Ann Anzilotti, Compagnia di TeatroDanza XE

Franco Basaglia was asked: "What would you do if the blackout suddenly happened to your home?".
He replied, "I would accept the dark and organize the situation. In other words, I would start doing something right with the others in the dark. "


"Julka" Play 

Julka by Simonetta Ottone

"The letters of women are lost, they do not make history even if they have intertwined and subordinated their existence to that of a protagonist".

Adele Cambria

Julka is a story extended in a long time of an immense space.