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"Tua" Play

In Italy, a woman is killed every two, three days, almost always at the hands of her man.

My country is afraid of women's freedom. My country is afraid of me.

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"Disancorati" Play

Show by and with Simonetta Ottone

Director supervision: Julie Ann Anzilotti, Compagnia di TeatroDanza XE

Franco Basaglia was asked: "What would you do if the blackout suddenly happened to your home?".
He replied, "I would accept the dark and organize the situation. In other words, I would start doing something right with the others in the dark. "


"Julka" Play 

Julka by Simonetta Ottone

"The letters of women are lost, they do not make history even if they have intertwined and subordinated their existence to that of a protagonist".

Adele Cambria

Julka is a story extended in a long time of an immense space.