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There are places of refuge: Casa Julka is.

After almost two years in which it has never stopped providing accompaniments for the Wellbeing and Global Health of the Person, remaining an active garrison and point of connection for many people, we at Casa Julka, daily operators, are going to face what will be , with the same spirit, in the even stronger belief that Health, Art and Culture are essential.

We haven't stopped meeting even in the summer, on the contrary!

From 13 September it will be possible to participate in TRIAL MEETINGS (by reservation) of individual and group sessions for adults, childrens, and boys: the family is growing!

As always, we will start from the Body:




Two NEW PROPOSALS are added:

BODY AND VOICE: Workshop where we will work on the connection between Movement and Sound, Internal and External Breath, Vocal and Dance Meditation;

ENERGY DANCE: Meetings of Lengthening, Toning, Rhythm and Energy with Choreography and Music.

We also foresee lively and "succulent" cultural events!

The first of which is: EGYPT, Stories of Travel and Flavors, Performance and Egyptian Dinner, which will be held on Friday 17 September in Livorno (place to be defined).

Saturday 02 October at 16:00 we will meet for the first meeting of the MIDDLE EAST COOKING WORKSHOP, so as to sweeten the long winter months!

Tuesday 5 October at 10 am we will give voice again (it is appropriate to say it!) To JULKA, who, not being able to go to the theater for two years, has become a WEEKLY SKULL, which for 10 weeks and 10 "fragments of story" will close the centenary of the arrival of Antonio Gramsci in Livorno.

The "Silent Letters" between Julka and Antonio will be a wonderful way for us to spread the story of a truly "revolutionary" woman and love!

On November 13th and 14th we will present in Livorno:


Arts Therapies Training Project 2021, which will focus attention on the relationship between DanceMovementTherapy and MusicTherapy.

Casa JULKA, Case delle Donne awaits each of you in the ways you want: live, online, on the phone…, so that no one ever feels alone again: we do the world together!

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