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The new edition of Dances at Sunset has a very special flavor: it tastes like the desire for freedom!

At the end of this almost unspeakable year and a half, by playing down and taking on their own responsibilities as citizens, aware above all of the needs of our body (and therefore mind and soul) to feel happy, let's say some things concretely, following the inputs that derive from the our work and the ongoing debate:

LET'S GO out as much as possible, because the notorious virus is afraid of ultraviolet rays, of light, and then because it is good for us and gives us joy: staying at home lowers our defenses;

WE LEAVE THE MASKS outdoors, to breathe freely: there is no obligation to wear them if we are at least one meter away from others, you have to have them only with you;

TURN OFF THE TV, and also inquire about independent sources: fear makes us sick and takes away our lucidity;

WE ARE WITH OTHERS, because isolation is a social damage, being together is very good for our happiness and our endorphins;

WE WORK, because it is our right to survive, work gives us belonging, strength, autonomy;

WE TRAVEL, because free movement on national and international territory can be limited only for criminal reasons: we have not committed a crime and traveling improves us and makes us happy!

LET'S MOVE, because being overweight is bad for our health and because moving is the only way to stay healthy and reactive and explodes our endorphins of well-being and good mood;

LET US MAKE LOVE, because it is beautiful to love and love each other and it is very good for endorphins, as well as for our soul;

WE DO WHAT MAKES US HAPPY, because it is good for us and for the whole world!

On WEDNESDAY, starting from 16 JUNE we will meet at 6.45 pm at the Centro Marilia in Via Puini to go quickly to the sea and move freely, dancing at sunset!

The meetings are open to everyone, you need to book and bring a towel or mat and water, mosquito spray (whoever you want) and comfortable clothing.

Call or write to:


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