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Traveling and dancing have been a dream in these long, horrible years.

Compagnia DanzArte Association that I founded in 1997 does not have many prospects in Italy anymore, even if it has never stopped.

It also remained active in the tragic Italian period of the management of Covid 19, accompanying people to the processing of traumas, depressive states, worsening of latent pathologies, convalescence from the virus.

At the beginning of 2020 I met Ashraf Tawfik, Web Designer, Visual Artist, Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing again for work.

When Italy and a large part of the world went into lockdown we were casually together, I still remember the evening of March 9, 2020, when decades of study and work in too many sectors, including Culture and Tourism, were destroyed in a press release , razed to the ground.

Ashraf and I decided to invest that shocking time by renovating my and DanzArte's website, giving life to a “virtual” space born in reality, full of Art, Visual Expressions, History and Hope.

Ashraf's experience as a travel agent and intercultural operator with more than 20 years of international work, gave rise to the idea of creating opportunities for encounter between the Italian and Egyptian people, through dance and art.