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Sun, May 10


ST DANZA - Centroformation


From Modern Dance to Dance Movement Therapy in the footsteps of the women who invented it

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Hours & Location

May 10, 2020, 7:00 PM

ST DANZA - Centroformation, Via della Bassata 6 D / E / F, 57126 Livorno LI, Italy

The event

APID recognized theoretical experiential seminar

Curated by S. Ottone and M.Lanfranco

In the two days of study on the occasion of the Permanent Training Associazione Professioanle Italiana DanzaMovimentoTerapia (APID) in Livorno and aimed at teachers, educators / teachers, Operators / leaders of the Care Relationship, of Help, of the psycho-body, artistic and art-therapeutic fields, we propose a meeting focused on the representation of women in the media and in art.

Thanks to the contribution of Monica Lanfranco and Simonetta Ottone it will be possible to start from the representation of the image of women in the media, to connect us to art forms in which women themselves have managed to overturn every stereotype on representation, expression, management of own body and public role . 

MODERN DANCE, in fact, was invented, spread and managed by women (early 1900s): for the first time women represented themselves and the world, in the fullness of their subjectivity exposed to the public.

It was the first and only time in the history of art and culture that women resisted autonomously, losing consent and social protection, they exposed themselves to the public, in a frontal position.

The theoretical - experiential seminar will be introduced by Monica Lanfranco, with an intervention that includes the vision of materials and moments of sharing and reflection activities on the theme of gender stereotypes and sexism in language and media.

The dance movement therapy part, curated by Simonetta Ottone, will focus on the testimony by the pioneers of Modern Dance regarding the Narration of the Female Body, thanks to textual ideas, and to the vision of materials.

Starting from the principles of Modern Dance and the need for greater awareness on the theme in the field of dance therapy, the body work will focus on the Feminine and the Masculine, through the Methodology of Maria Fux, the De Vera D'Aragona Method and the principles of movement of the Modern dance and dance theater.  

The initiative is aimed at informing and promoting a correct culture on the gender relationship and gender difference through the history of women of yesterday and today; prevent gender conflict, promote female empowerment.

The Training is sponsored and supported by the Municipality of Livorno and is part of the Italian initiatives planned on the occasion of ONE BILLION RISING 2020, the V - DAY International Movement against violence against women and girls.

IL CORPO LIBERATO is conceived and organized by Associazione Compagnia DanzArte (Project One Billion Rising Livorno / Casa Julka), with the participation of Altradimora (Alessandria), Radio delle Donne, Rivista Marea. 

RELATRICI, short notes  


journalist and trainer on the issues of gender difference and conflict. In 1994 he founded the quarterly  MAREA . He has collaborated with Radio Rai International. Has a blog on the daily newspaper and on Micromega. He taught Theory and Technique of New Media at the University of Parma.

Conducts training courses on the history of the women's movement, on gender communication, and on the nonviolent resolution of conflicts. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_where cultural projects are carried out with a gender perspective

Among his libri Men who odiano love women-_ bbcde-3194-male violence, violence 3194-5 males  (Marea Edizioni) from which the theatrical piece was taken, Manutenzioni - Men a nud,  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5 social case for men

Words mothers-portraits of feminists: narrations and visions on the maternal (Marea Edizioni), _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Her latest book is  Growing men-the words of boys on sexuality, pornography, sexism   (2019 Erickson)


DanzaMovimentoTerapeuta APID (Partner n.296 and President), Professional dancer, Choreographer and Teacher of dance and movement since 1990, author of “Danzare il Icona. DanzaMovimentoTherapy in the drug addict world "(Creative Edition 2011, 2017 reprint) and" Disancorati "(novel, Creative Edition 2017). He studied Psychological Sciences and Techniques University Course - Faculty of Psychology. Engaged as a dance movement therapist in the field of mental health, diversity, addictions, education and prevention, in public and private structures.

Founder of the Compagnia DanzArte Association, promoter of initiatives in support of Women's Rights, broadcast as author and interpreter on Arcoiris - TV with the show “A Voce alta”.

Author of the Network - National Blog FEMALE POLITICS, Tutor of the V - Day International Movement. Trainer of dance movement therapy * and within courses aimed at teachers, operators and volunteers, concerning the Body and gender issues .

Contact person for this proposal.



THE LIBERATED BODY: the intertwining of DanceMovementTherapy with the critical vision of gender stereotypes

WORKSHOP - APID Permanent Training (Italian Professional Association DanzaMovimentoTerapia) With Simonetta Ottone, APID dance movement therapist and trainer and Monica Lanfranco, journalist and trainer

8 and 9 FEBRUARY 2020 CentroStudi DanzArte LIVORNO, c / o ST Dance Training Center, Via della Bassata 9 Hours: 8 February from 11 to 20, 9 from 10 to 17


February 8, 11 am Lectio Magistralis “Bodies that count” with Monica Lanfranco

1.30 pm lunch (self-managed)

2.30 - 6 pm Eyes and open mind: how to re-know sexism in words and images. Non-frontal workshop on gender stereotypes by Monica Lanfranco

The role of Modern Dance in the Narration of the Female Body Textual cues, vision of materials, experiential moments by Simonetta Ottone

6 pm Presentation of the book:

GROWING MEN - The words of boys on sexuality, pornography, sexism (Edizioni Erickson) by Monica Lanfranco

Free admission for citizens


10 - 13 Starting from the principles of Modern Dance and the need for greater awareness on the theme of the image and history of women in the field of dance therapy, body work will focus on the Feminine and the Masculine, on the Relationship and gender conflict, through the Methodology of Maria Fux, the methodology in Symbolic Key ® and the principles of movement of Modern Dance and TheaterDance.

13 - 14 Lunch (self-managed)

14 - 17 Experiential work, theoretical references and conclusions.

Total hours: 16 Certification of attendance and certification of Permanent Training is issued for APID members

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