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Mon, Sep 09


ST Danza

Sufi Dance

The transformative power of Ecstatic Dances

Sufi Dance
Sufi Dance

Hours & Location

Sep 09, 2024, 11:00 AM GMT+2 – Sep 10, 2024, 2:00 PM GMT+2

ST Danza, Via della Bassata, 6/D, 57126 Livorno LI, Italia


The event

"Only open eyes can discover that the universe is the book of the highest Truth"


A journey of transformation through the mystical art of Sufi Dance, a Workshop where Meditation and Dance join the Rituality inherent in Dance Movement Therapy

Integrating elements of ritual, dance and mindfulness, participants will explore the verticality of the body to transcend beyond the physical realm. Mastery of the physical body is emphasized as a prerequisite for achieving heightened states of consciousness and ultimately achieving a state of transcendence through the meditative act of vortexing. With a clear, practical approach, any person can tap into the ancient wisdom of the vortex, unlocking its profound benefits through dedicated practice and focused direction.  

From the overflowing poetry of Sufi Dance, we will feel how the "rotation" on our vertical axis affects our bodies. It has been documented that this practice can have the effect of a "twilight state of consciousness", giving rise to a sense of ecstasy and pure awareness: freeing ourselves from concrete thought, while remaining strongly rooted to the ground, we will finally be able to experience a full dimension meditative, full of regeneration and rebirth.  

This type of dance is practiced in many cultures, from the famous poet Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes, to Tibetan monks: the vortex or spinning can bring the body to a harmonious balance with the universe, triggering healing processes and spiritual unity.  

It will be a "four hands" workshop, held by:

Nawal El Tememi & Simonetta Ottone

Flow of lessons:

  • Centering and breathing  
  • Anatomy Breakdown  
  • The center  
  • Balancing  
  • Orientation/Position of the body in space  
  • Foot and floor technique  
  • The Spot and the ride  
  • Practical application using the Tannoura skirt  
  • Cooling down and centering  
  • The Embodiment of cosmic resonance in Dance Movement Therapy  
  • Ritual force in DanceMovementTherapy  
  • The intercultural and anthropological perspective in Dance Movement Therapy


  • Monday 09 September from 11.00 to 17.00  
  • Tuesday 10 September from 09.00 to 14.00

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