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Dance To Live

The Body, the Movement,
Creativity to Dance Life!


Dance To Live Workshop
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This workshop is a good way to start learning about and practicing Dance Movement and its infinite possibilities for the well-being and evolutionary process of the Person.
We will promote the creative dimension of the body to support people and those who work in the body to discover an innovative activity known and tested for about 60 years in Europe and the USA and which has infinite possibilities of application with positive and shareable results.

Dance To Live  Method

20-28 May "Egypt"

20-28 May, Cairo (50 h)

Practical and theoretical lessons:

  • Introduction to the Method

  • History of Free Dance

  • Maria Fux and Dance Therapy

  • The Creative Process

  • Free the Body

  • Express yourself through the body

  • The well-being of the Body-Mind

  • Dynamic meditation

  • Dance in Nature

  • Dance as a Rite: to improve the relationship with oneself and with others

Il Workshop



This workshop is the first step to practice DANCE TO LIVE method by Simonetta Ottone in Egypt.

We’ll start from Modern and Contemporary Dance, Body - Voice Work through rituals and choreography, working cells of Dance Therapy by Maria Fux Method.

Music will be important!

We’ll dance many kinds of music and styles: our large repertoire goes from primitive to classic, from ethnic to contemporary, crossing jazz, reggae, funky and rock!

We’ll also dance the silence, with meditation, relax, nature.
Theoretical references will be about History of Dance and Dance Therapy, instruments, and teaching units of DTL method.


For participants will be possible to receive our DANCE TO LIVE HANDBOOK, the account for the Private Teaching Area of our website, DTL’s gadget, direct contact with DTL Team and DTL Scientific Committee.



Thanks to this method it is possible to improve the artistic - motor baggage of the person, stimulate cognitive development, allow a personal evolution, a better quality of life and facilitate change.



The Trainings consist of experiential activities based on Movement, Dance, Dance Theater and Dance Therapy. Numerous theoretical references through contributions from: anatomy, physiology, pedagogy, anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, movement analysis, music, history of the arts and art therapies



Those interested in the psycho-body field: teachers, doctors and health workers, socio-cultural, movement, body, artists, performers, those involved in the relationship of care and help and communication.



After thirty years of experience in the field of dance, dance theater and dance therapy, Simonetta Ottone and DanzArte, the Association she founded in 1997, offer Training Courses with a methodology widely tested in various contexts (educational, rehabilitation, clinical , performative, formative) and numerous "human populations".

 The basics:

Dance To Live has its roots in Modern and Contemporary Dance, in Dance Theater, and the study of Body - Voice and Ethnic Dances grows with Maria Fux's Dance Therapy.

Il Metodo

Dance To Liv and   Method

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About Us

Simonetta Ottone: Dance is my first love: I started as a child, I studied classical, modern, contemporary dance. I am fortunate to have as teachers, among others  Antonietta Daviso, Maria Rosa Villoresi, Rosanna Brocanello, Lori Jodhan, Virginie Richard, Richard Haisma, Larrio Ekson, Matt Mattox, Gianin Loringett ...

DanzArte: Compagnia DanzArte Association, founded by Simonetta Ottone in 1997, operates in the movement and dance sector used in multiple applications: education and training; therapeutic activity (rehabilitation, re-education, prevention); pursuit of well-being; cultural and entertainment activities ...

Chi Siamo

The Pioneers...


Maria Fux

"Dance Therapy, as life, has no formula. It is the way we are living"


Martha Graham

"Movement never lies"


Katherine Dunham

"Dance interests me only as an instrument of education and knowledge of peoples"


Pina Bausch

"I'm not so interested in how they move as in what moves them."

Mani danzanti

"  Testimonials "

Mani danzanti

"The time I spend dancing is a time of my own"

Group of Women

Mani danzanti

"To prepare for work together, I do nothing, I just think that I will spend a precious hour where I exist for myself and for my well-being"


Group of Women

Mani danzanti

"I would like to hear your music every day!"


Diversability Family Home

Mani danzanti

"When I know I'm coming here, I know I'll just have to let myself go and take all the pleasure that dancing gives me"

Group of Women

Mani danzanti

"When I move like this I feel that I move in every part of the body"

Middle - High School

Mani danzanti

"I like to feel that I want to dance all over my body"


Middle - lower school

Mani danzanti

"I like to do dance therapy, because even the males in the class dance with us!"

Will be,
Primary school 

Mani danzanti

“It does me good to move, because I feel so much anger and I have to vent it”.